Let's Close the Gap
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Amazing Things Can Happen
When You Close the Gap

Since we began working together to close the gap between people and care, some amazing stories have unfolded. Stories that we’d like to share with you. Stories where people get healthier and stay healthier. Where seniors live longer by getting the care they need in the homes they love.* And where doctors get to spend more time the way they want to spend it – with their patients.

How specifically are we closing the gap? We’re simplifying, making things easier and more approachable – more about people and less about process. And here’s how we’re doing it:

  • We’re working with physicians to reduce the paperwork that gets in their way, while putting the information they need at their fingertips

  • We’re working with families to keep seniors in their own homes, and they’re living longer lives as a result*

  • We’re working with people to make healthy changes – offering tools, rewards, and even hands-on coaching to make health goals easier to reach

  • And we’re working with your doctors, introducing innovations and technology that help them work together like never before

Because that’s what it means to close the gap – and we’re just getting started.

So let’s continue working together, simplifying, and helping create inspiring, new, real healthcare stories.


* New Study Shows High-Risk Medicare Advantage Members’ Longevity, Independence is Linked to One-on-One Support
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